Collecting Parcels

When a delivery was made, a push notification is displayed on your smartphone. Once delivered, you can collect a parcel using the SmartBoxBasel User App. Alternatively, you can use the PIN or QR code from the email to collect the parcel without a smartphone app.

You need to be in close proximity of the city parcel locker with your delivery to be able to collect a parcel.

Home screen

Home screen

Image 14: Home screen

You can select the desired city parcel locker by pressing the CPL selection button (1). For more details about selecting the CPL unit check Selecting CPL chapter.

On home screen (Image 14) you will see a red circle with a number (2). This number indicates the total number of deliveries you have waiting to be collected. This number includes deliveries from all available city parcel lockers, not just the one in your proximity.

To collect the parcel press the Collect parcel button (3).

Collect parcel - not in proximity

Image 15: Collect parcel - not in proximity warning

You have to be in close proximity of selected CPL unit to collect a parcel. If you move out of bluetooth range warning message (Image 15) will be displayed while trying to collect a parcel. Move closer to the locker to collect parcel.

If you are near selected CPL unit, s screen with locked padlock icon will be displayed (Image 16). Press the padlock icon to unlock your locker.

Collect parcel - locker locked

Image 16: Collect parcel - Locker locked

Collect parcel - locker unlocking

Image 17: Collect parcel - Locker is being unlocked

Unlocking can take few seconds while system is validating your key and access rights. Unlocked padlock icon shows that locker was unlocked sucessfully (Image 17).

Collect parcel - pick up parcel

Image 18: Collect parcel - Take out your parcel and close the locker door

Once the locker is opened (Image 18) you can pick up your parcel and close the locker door so locker can be used by other users. Press Confirm button once you closed the locker door. The app will return to home screen.