Selecting CPL

SmartBoxBasel users can have access to multiple city parcel lockers on various addresses. To select the one you currently want to use you have to select it on the home screen (Image 12) by pressing on Selected city parcel locker button ①.

Selecting different city parcel lockers will also change the address displayed on the home screen ②. To copy this address to clipboard so you can paste it in other apps (for example while making an order) press copy CPL address icon ③. This will copy entire address, including your CPL user name and the address of currently selected city parcel locker.

Home screen - Select CPL

Image 12: Home screen

You can select the desired city parcel locker by pressing the CPL selection button (1). A CPL selection screen with list of all available city parcel lockers will be displayed (Image 13).

CPL selection screen

Image 13: CPL selection screen

List of city parcel lockers is divided in three groups:

Registered lockers in proximity ①

Shows the CPL units that are in your close proximity, and you have the rights to use them. This kind of CPL units have green dot on their icon.

Registered lockers not in proximity ②

Shows the CPL units that are currently not in your close proximity, but you have the rights to use them. You can share access to your lockers even if you are not in their proximity. This kind of CPL units have yellow dot on their icon.

Unregistered lockers ③

Lists the CPL units you currently can't use because you are not registered to them, but you can still try to request access to them by pressing the Request access button ④. This kind of CPL units have red dot on their icon.

You can show or hide each group by pressing the little triangle right of the group name.

To select a CPL unit highlight the desired unit by pressing on its name or icon and press Confirm button ⑤. The app will return to the home screen.