Welcome to SmartBoxBasel user app

Thank you for choosing SmartBoxBasel as your city parcel locker solution. This document will help you to start using SmartBoxBasel mobile app for end users.

With SmartBoxBasel you can easily pickup parcels delivered to you or send parcels at any convenient time. Using access sharing you can share permanent or temporary keys to a friend or family member and provide access to your locker.

Splash screen

Image 1: Welcome screen

If you are starting SmartBoxBasel User App for the first time few introduction (onboarding) screens will be displayed to help you get started with using the app (Images 2a-2d). You can navigate between the screens by swiping the screen left or right or by pressing the Next ②. You can skip the introduction part by pressing Skip ①. In that case you will be presented with last introduction screen (Image 2e), with options to Register ③ new account or Sign in ④ in the app (if you already have an active account).

Introduction screen 1

Image 2a: Introduction screen

Introduction screen 2

Image 2b: Introduction screen

Introduction screen 3

Image 2c: Introduction screen

Introduction screen 4

Image 2d: Introduction screen

Introduction screen 5

Image 2e: Introduction screen